Pictosaur is the best camera app for taking photos of change, progress, and growth with uncanny precision.

Using our exclusive Align Assist functionality, every picture in a series can be aligned and scaled consistently. The Outline Overlay guides you through aligning photos for scale and distance while the Lil’ Dot helps you to hold the phone at exactly the same angle each time. As your series grows, build Frame Galleries of your photos to see the progress and share with your friends and enemies!


• Align Assist (EXCLUSIVE)
Add photos to your series knowing it is aligned exactly as your first or most-recent photo using a combination of the Outline Overlay for distance, and Lil’ Dot for the angles of the camera

• Reminders
Forget me not! Easily set Reminders and receive notification alerts so you never drop the ball on taking that next picture in your series.

• Frame Galleries
No need to juggle multiple apps to put your photos side by side. Place your photos in one of over 24 high-resolution galleries, change never looked so good.

• Share your series

Ready to share your progress with friends (and enemies)? App has got you covered! Print, email, and share your photos & galleries on Twitter.

• Photo Details
Take notes for each photo and view their location, date, and time.

Picture-perfect examples:
kids, weight loss, body building, renovations, gardening, pregnancy, makeovers, dogs, cats, before & after, time lapse, and old photo reenactments

Any iOS device with a camera running iOS 5.0 or greater. Have fun!

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